Most Common Violations for Truck Drivers

Most Common Violations for Truck Drivers

Operation Safe Driver Week was held over the summer from July 12 through the 18th. Law enforcement officials reviewed many safety-related actions that drivers engaged in. They concluded that when it comes to trucking accidents, the driver is ground zero for safety. There is no doubt it, every car on the road should engage in safe driving practices, however, it is even more important that truck drivers exercise increased precautions while behind the wheel. When a large truck collides with a smaller passenger vehicle, the amount of destruction that the passenger vehicle sustains is far worse than the damage the large truck endures.

Trucks are an essential part of our country’s operations and our economy. Trucks are the most used form of transportation for goods from distribution centers to businesses all around the country. Because of this, other drivers have to share the road with these massive vehicles. It is important for drivers to always exercise caution while driving near these large vehicles but it is also important for truck drivers to operate their rig with care, responsibility, and consideration. 

What are Drivers of Large Trucks Most Commonly Cited for?

Most Common Violations for Truck DriversDuring the 2020 Operation Safe Driver Week, speeding as a risky driving behavior took the main stage as a cause of increased citations and accidents. However, law enforcement officials didn’t just focus on speeding, they looked at a myriad of other behaviors that are commonly behind truck accidents

Out of the more than 66,000 drivers that were evaluated for their driving behavior during the week the event was held, the results showed that responding 71,343 warnings and citations were issued. Speeding was the lead cause of law enforcement to issue a warning or citation to a driver. That week, commercial vehicles received over 6,000 warnings and more than 4,500 traffic violation citations. Drivers of trucks received 2,339 citations related to speeding while over 4,000 received warnings about speed.

Truck drivers engaged in the following traffic violation most often:

  1. Not using a seatbelt: 2,339 
  2. Not obeying traffic control devices: 617
  3. Using a handheld device: 269
  4. Not changing lanes correctly: 122

Operation Safe Driver Week had increased enforcement activities which drivers knew about. This may have altered the type of driving behavior that drivers exhibited which would mean that drivers overall could have been engaging in safer driving practices. Regardless of if more drivers were driving more responsibly or not that week, it appears that drivers as a whole were regularly ignoring some of the most basic foundations of safe driving such as obeying traffic lights, not exceeding the speed limit, not using a phone, wearing a seatbelt, and properly signaling for a lane change.

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