How Can Arizona Improve Driver Safety on I-10?

How Can Arizona Improve Driver Safety on I-10?

When it comes to dangerous roadways, Arizona’s Interstate 10 tops the list as one of the very most dangerous roads that exist in the United States. Every year there are numerous fatal accidents that take place on I-10. Interstate 10 is popularly used as a means to travel from coast to coast and as these cross-country drivers crowd the road alongside residential drivers and truckers, they add to the increased risk of traffic accidents.

Due to the massive amount of vehicles on I-10, the risk to all drivers that they could be involved in a large truck accident is high. When you are injured as a result of a large truck accident contact the Arizona truck accident attorneys at ELG. Our bilingual, Spanish-speaking Phoenix serious injury attorneys will ensure that you are well represented and well-compensated for the injuries you have had to endure.

What Safety Improvement Can Improve I-10?

How Can Arizona Improve Driver Safety on I-10Despite the calls for improvements to the dangerous road, action has been slow-moving. The following improvements may be able to enhance safety on Interstate 10:

  • Interstate 10’s long roadway crosses the nation from Florida all the way through to California. Some road construction experts say there is a severe lacking of median barriers along the roadway. Specifically, the area of the road that goes between Phoenix and Tucson, this 60-mile stretch has no barriers preventing oncoming traffic from crossing over into lanes where motorists are traveling in the opposite direction. If a hard barrier was implemented any car that swerves into the other lane or speeds into it would be stopped by a physical obstacle.
  • Each year there are many hazards on interstate 10 including poor visibility from lack of adequate lighting. Due to this, there are numerous traffic crashes that take place annually. Truckers have many parts of their view obstructed due to blind spots and they also have a very difficult time seeing much smaller vehicles in general. When driving at night and without the appropriate lighting, truckers are more prone to collide with smaller vehicles.
  • Dust storms can greatly reduce visibility for all motorists on the road and these storms are extremely dangerous. However, when a truck gets stuck in a dust storm it can result in a catastrophic accident. The two-miles of the road by Picacho Peak are particularly vulnerable to dust storms.

For Arizonians, avoiding I-10 is a difficult task. It is a significant roadway that helps drivers get around in the state and for most travel, I-10 is necessary. Staying extra cautious, staying alert, avoiding driving on the road when visibility is diminished, and planning ahead can help you reduce your risk of being involved in a serious Arizona I-10 truck accident.

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