Is Driving Near Large Trucks Dangerous?

Is Driving Near Large Trucks Dangerous?

Driving anywhere means you are taking a risk because accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. There are several reasons why accidents happen, and human error plays a large role. Each year there are more than 2 million people that will suffer very severe injuries that will be permanent. With more than 6 million car accidents reported each year and 279.6 million vehicles driving on American roads, the risk for an accident is high. 

Highways can pose many threats to drivers. When traffic is dense, individuals waiting out traffic can become distracted and not focused on driving, which decreases their environmental awareness immensely. When the roads are open high speeds either via raised speed limits or by drivers exceeding the limits increase the chance for accidents, and often, speed causes catastrophic outcomes. Additionally, sharing the roads with large trucks can also pose an added risk. 

What Risk Do Drivers Have When They Travel Near Large Trucks?

Is Driving Near Large Trucks DangerousAnyone can feel intimidated when they driver near a large truck, but novice drivers, in specific can have the most difficulty navigating around big rigs. These trucks have large areas where the truck driver has no ability to see what is near their truck. These areas where it is hard to determine where other objects or cars are located are called blind spots. If a car driving near a truck is in a blind spot they risk being hit if the truck even makes a simple lane change.

Truck drivers themselves can make errors in judgment which can cause them to collide with another car in a blind spot. The truck can malfunction or a tire blows out unexpectedly that can cause a truck driver to lose control. Outside of the blindspots, cutting off of a truck without enough spacing, trucks being improperly loaded causing them to roll over, and hitting the brakes in front of a truck are all also problematic and reasons why a large trucking accident can happen.

Passenger cars can also experience issues with their own vehicle which can result in a more catastrophic outcome if they are driving near large trucks. Just this past June, there was a report out of the state of Florida where a woman was driving when her tire blew out causing her car to spin out of control. Her car was then thrust into a concrete barrier. The woman’s car rebounded off of the barrier and slid under a nearby big rig’s trailer. The woman succumbed to her injuries.

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