How to Be a CDL Driver in Arizona

How to Be a CDL Driver in Arizona

Commercial truck accidents result in massive destruction and damages especially for smaller passenger vehicles that they collide with. In recent years, commercial truck accidents have been on the rise making driving near commercial trucks risky business. There are several reasons why large truck accidents happen including improper training of the truck driver, violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines, or improperly loaded cargo to name a few. 

If you were involved in an Arizona commercial truck accident contact the Arizona commercial truck accident attorneys at ELG to find out what options you have to obtain compensation for your damages. Often, settlement amounts when a commercial truck is involved in an accident tend to be high because the amount of ruin and damages that result are generally substantial.

What Are Commercial Truck Driver Requirements?

How to Be a CDL Driver in ArizonaAn individual interested in pursuing a career in the trucking industry cannot look for a job until they have gone to trucking school and obtained their CDL. Like all professions, there are many pros and cons of being a professional truck driver. Before entering into a career as a truck driver, individuals should familiarize themselves with the details of daily life as a professional driver.

Eligibility for a CDL training program include:

  • Drivers must be age 21 years or older
  • Drivers must have a legal driver’s license
  • Drivers must have an unblemished driving record
  • Drivers will need to produce a lawful social security card
  • Drivers must be able to pass all the requirements set by the Department of Transportation

Additionally, every state has its own regulations that drivers must satisfy to obtain their CDL. In Arizona, one of the requirements the state has for CDL drivers is that they keep a current Medical Examiner Certificate on file. The certificate must be renewed every 24 months and failure to do so will result in a driver losing their CDL. If your CDL is inactive or revoked for more than 11 months you must retake a medical examination, submit the forms, and then you are responsible for paying the fees associated with the process to become current again.

Also, Arizona commercial truck driving laws state that a prospective driver must have at least one year of driving experience. This experience does not include driving a motorcycle. Further, future drivers must submit their knowledge test with at least 8% of their answers correct to be considered eligible for a passing grade.

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The stipulations listed above illustrate just a couple of Arizona’s CDL requirements. No one can obtain a CDL if they don’t have the necessary documentation and training, and this helps keep drivers knowledgeable about how to operate these large vehicles and as a result, safer when they are driving. Even still, drivers that have met all the necessary requirements to drive can still cause accidents and when they do, victims deserve to obtain compensation for the damages they had to endure.

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