The Dangers of High Winds for Truckers

The Dangers of High Winds for Truckers

Traffic accidents that involve large 18-wheeler trucks can prove catastrophic for victims. These massive vehicles move with immense momentum and can cause significant destruction when they collide with another object or with a much smaller car on the road. Driving an 18-wheeler requires specialty training and operating these trucks is much tricker than driving a car. There are many factors that can cause an Arizona 18-wheeler accident. Some of the factors that can lead to a crash are those that could have been avoided because they were the result of some form of negligence. For instance, if a truck is not loaded properly the cargo may throw the truck off-balance and cause it to tip while it is being driven. Another example of negligence could be on the part of the truck driver if he or she is operating their big rig while texting and they have to unexpectedly slam on the breaks and slide into other vehicles.

Even environmental factors can lead to an 18-wheeler accident. According to the data of a study released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, winds can be hazardous for large trucks. When heavy winds exceed 25 miles per hour, operating a big rig is even more difficult. When pronounced winds slam against one side of a truck, there is the risk that they could tip the truck over. Overpasses, open highways, and bridges are the most notable locations for these types of accidents.

How Can Wind Cause a Large Trucking Accident?

Crosswinds or gusts that blow perpendicularly to the direction that a truck is traveling can have the ability to push it sideways. Driving along a road where a large truck is drifting into your lane or near your vehicle is very scary and has the potential to be hazardous. If the wind is strong enough it can topple a truck over, and the heavyweight of the truck can be crushing to another vehicle. 

There are skills and guidelines to follow when loading a truck with cargo. If a truck doesn’t have it’s load-balanced, this directly puts a truck driver at increased risk for an issue on the road. The trailer will be much harder to control if it is disproportionately heavy on one side and lighter on another. When poor loading combines with high winds the situation can be deadly for the truck driver and any other vehicle near the truck on the road. Part of driving a truck means checking weather conditions to determine if there is any projection of high winds in the forecast. If a truck driver encounters high winds, managing and keeping control of the truck can quickly become a serious issue. A driver can pull over or drastically reduce their speed in response.

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