What is the Safest Location in Your Car for Your Child?

What is the Safest Location in Your Car for Your Child?

Across the nation, each state has rules as well as recommendations as to where a child can sit when in an automobile. It is commonly suggested that children under the age of 17 shouldn’t sit in the front seat and even if they do, many states require that they must wear a seatbelt. In Arizona, all children that are younger than eight and shorter than 4’9” must ride in the back seat. Depending on their stature and age, they may require a child’s safety seat such as a car seat or booster.

Keeping your child secured in the safest location in your car doesn’t mean that your child is exempt from harm when an accident happens. However, it does decrease the likelihood of serious injuries and death when a traffic collision in Phoenix occurs. In the aftermath of an Arizona car accident, the damages that victims suffer such as medical expenses to name one can be extremely expensive. Obtaining compensation through an Arizona personal injury claim can help victims recoup the costs of their damages. The Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG have vast experience helping victims obtain high settlement amounts to pay for all of the damages suffered after a Phoenix traffic accident.

Where Should Your Child Sit So They are the Safest?

What is the Safest Location in Your Car for Your Child?Arizona car seat laws say that children who are younger than eight and who are smaller than 4’9” should stay in the back seat and use an appropriate child safety seat where necessary. The Arizona Department of Transportation, though, advises parents and caregivers to not allow children who are younger than 13  years of age to ride in the front seat. ADOT also says that parents and caregivers should abide by this guidance even when they believe their child is big enough to sit in the front seat.

Keeping children in the backseat increases their safety. Children are at increased risk for catastrophic harm when they sit in the front more so than when they are in the back. There is more protection in the back seat than in the front and their smaller bodies will sustain more harm than an adult body when impact takes place. 

While keeping your child in the back seat is advisable, you can take their safety a step further. According to transportation experts, if you have the ability to place your child in the middle seat in the back, this is the safest location. The middle seat provides a cushion on the sides which, in the event of a T-bone or side-impact incident can greatly increase their safety. Specifically, a study done by the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that sitting in the middle of the back improves a child’s safety by 43% versus sitting on the side of a car.

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