1.10 Gilbert, AZ - Officers Investigating Injury Crash on US 60 at Ellsworth Rd

Gilbert, AZ – Officers Investigating Injury Crash on US 60 at Ellsworth Rd

Gilbert, AZ (January 10, 2021) – A multi-car accident on US 60 near Ellsworth Road resulted in injuries on Sunday afternoon. According to officers from the Gilbert Police Department, emergency crews and local authorities were called to the scene near Ellsworth around 2:30 p.m. Authorities say a sedan was traveling westbound on US 60 when it collided with another vehicle, triggering a chain-reaction accident in the area. The area was closed while police worked to clear the scene and investigate [...]

1.23 Phoenix, AZ - Rear-End Crash Causes Injuries on I-17 at Greenway Rd

Phoenix, AZ – Injuries Reported in Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-17 at Glendale Ave

Phoenix, AZ (January 5, 2021) – At least two vehicles collided on Interstate 17 on Tuesday evening, resulting in traffic backups and injuries. According to officers with the Phoenix Police Department, all vehicles involved were traveling on I-17 southbound, also known as the Black Canyon Freeway, near the Glendale Avenue off-ramp when the accident occurred. Police officials say that at least two vehicles collided in the left lanes of the highway. Officers were dispatched to the scene shortly after the wreck [...]

Do Large Truck Accidents Result in High Settlement Amounts

Do Large Truck Accidents Result in High Settlement Amounts?

The average large truck accident settlement in Arizona has the potential to be very high because of the massive amount of damage and destruction these vehicles inflict on smaller vehicles and their occupants. When victims in smaller vehicles have to endure a crash with a big rig, the risk for catastrophic injury as well as death increases substantially. With the right legal representation, victims of devastating accidents can obtain large settlement amounts that align closely with the significant damages [...]

Common Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident

How are FMCSA Rules for Truck Drivers Enforced?

Any driver who gets behind the wheel when they are fatigued is an immense danger to others on the road. Driving while sleepy is a known cause of many accidents. When you are tired, you are less alert, your reaction time is decreased, and you can be more easily distracted. When a truck driver is tired and operates his or her big rig, they pose an even bigger threat to other drivers, road construction workers, and pedestrians on and [...]

2.26 Mesa, AZ - Car Accident Causes Injuries on US 60 WB at I-10 Ramp

Tucson, AZ – Injurious Crash Reported on I-10 Near I-8 & Picacho

Tucson, AZ (May 23, 2020) – A crash on Saturday night closed the left westbound lanes of Interstate 10 near Interstate 8 and Picacho Peak and resulted in at least one injury. The crash was reported just before 11:00 p.m., per information from the Arizona Department of Public Safety. A spokesperson with the department’s duty office stated that multiple vehicles were involved in the crash. At least one person had to be treated by paramedics at the scene of the [...]

Phoenix, AZ – 3-Car Wreck Causes Injuries on I-10 at Deck Park Tunnel

Phoenix, AZ (January 13, 2020) – Deputies from the Phoenix Police Department, as well as paramedics and local fire rescue units, responded to a three-car accident at the Deck Park Tunnel on Monday evening. Officials say the multi-vehicle crash happened on Interstate 10 eastbound around 8:00 p.m. The two vehicles involved were traveling in the center lanes of I-10 at the end of the tunnel when they collided. Both vehicles sustained severe damage.  Ambulances were on the scene and transported at [...]

Things To Avoid After Being In A Car Accident

According to the Association For Safe International Road Travel, 2.35 million people are injured each year in the United States. Furthermore, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 36,560 people died in automobile accidents last year. Car accidents occur too frequently across the United States and it is important to be aware of things you should avoid after being involved in a car accident. You don’t want anyone taking advantage of you while you are vulnerable. Below are [...]

Arizona Distracted Driving Law

There are many ways individuals become distracted while driving. Cell phones are not a new development, but they are playing a stronger role in distracted driving. Many individuals are guilty of messing with their phones to talk, text, or play music while driving a vehicle. Other forms of distracted driving include conversations with passengers, eating, playing music, or helping children. Any form of distracted driving is incredibly dangerous and can contribute to a serious life-threatening automobile accident. The National [...]

Electric Scooter Accidents In Arizona

Electric scooters have become extremely popular in large cities and college towns. These scooters allow individuals to hop on and hop off at their convenience. They are a convenient way to travel no matter where you need to go. As they become more popular, it is important to understand the function of these scooters as well as the risks associated with them. How Electric Scooters Work Electric scooters have become a popular way for individuals to transport themselves from one location [...]

Who’s To Blame For Faulty Brakes On Trucks?

When a semi truck’s breaks malfunction, it can be difficult to determine where the blame lies. Oftentimes it could involve multiple parties and it is dependent on what occurred to cause the accident. Brakes are a crucial part of any vehicle driving on the roads and when they fail, big problems can occur. Brake failure is a serious problem when dealing with large commercial trucks because they carry so much weight, which puts a lot of pressure on the [...]