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2.26 Getting the Right Amount of Insurance For Your Vehicle

What If Your Accident Expenses Exceed Insurance Limits?

Dealing with auto insurance after being involved in an Arizona auto accident can be surprisingly complex, as it’s not always a simple case of “being covered” or not. Damages are varied and debatable, insurance minimums and limits often don’t coincide with the amount of compensation one needs, and even the question of whose insurance company to go through can be unclear at times. Let’s first look at Arizona’s auto insurance minimums, which, notably, have increased since July of 2020. In [...]

Arizona Car Accident Attorney

How Much Car Insurance Do You Need in Arizona?

When you obtain a driver’s license and go to buy a car you will need to provide proof of insurance. This is true for every state in the country, including Arizona. Without proof of insurance, you will not be able to drive your chosen car off of the lot. The majority of the country has mandatory minimum insurance requirements and the amounts of coverage that motorists must carry vary by state. Arizona requires that all drivers obtain insurance coverage with [...]