Child Bitten By a Dog in Phoenix

What To Do If Your Child Is Bitten By A Dog In Phoenix

Cases of Children Being Bitten By a Dog On The Rise The winter season is almost upon us, and with children being out of school for winter break, visiting friends, and out playing, the thought of being bitten by a dog is the last thing on any child’s mind. When school lets out, there will be certain dangers that they’re exposed to more so than when they’re in the classroom. And while it also may not be the first thing [...]

Auto Accident Attorneys in Arizona

Auto Accident Attorneys in Arizona

Auto Accident Attorneys in Arizona Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can have devastating consequences leaving you confused and overwhelmed. As a result, thousands of people accept minimal settlements from insurance companies that barely cover their medical expenses. Quite often, victims are unaware of legal options available to them. If you were involved in an accident, find out your rights as soon as possible by contacting experienced Auto Accident Attorneys in Arizona. Rather than letting others take advantage of you [...]

accidents in arizona

Accidents In Arizona Are a Part of Life

Accidents in Arizona Are a Part of Life Stella was the type of person who had never been in any accidents in Arizona as she planned every event, every task, every trip to the grocery store, with care. She knew well in advance when she would leave, and how she would get there. She planned her routes to avoid traffic and even did some research on which streets were the safest to drive. In short, Stella was about as careful [...]

Light Rail Attorneys in Mesa

Light Rail Attorneys in Mesa

Advice From Train and Light Rail Attorneys in Mesa Over the years, we have witnessed a major increase in the number of individuals utilizing mass transportation to travel throughout Mesa and surrounding suburbs. Although the use of trains provides benefits in terms of traffic and the robust environmental impact, the risk of being injured in an accident is still very real. Light rail and train accidents can occur for a plethora of reasons. Whether the cause is a distracted driver or [...]

Premises Liability Accident

Phoenix Premises Liability Accident

Phoenix Premises Liability Accident When we go to the property of others, we expect it to be safe for us to engage in activities and complete the task at hand. Whether we are visiting a friend, going to a store to buy groceries, or visiting a movie theater for a night out, it is crucial that we are able to do so safely and without worry. When property owners fail to ensure the safety of guests, and injuries follow, those [...]

advice after a car accident

Insurance Adjuster Advice After a Car Accident

Advice After a Car Accident It is essential that as much documentation as possible is collected after a car accident. The more tangible information that a victim has supporting their claim the better it is for them in terms of success and for higher settlement amounts. The shock after a car accident can make a person feel foggy and impact their ability to think clearly. This is natural, but once the fog lifts and the reality of the situation comes [...]

phoenix commercial truck accident

How To Win a Phoenix Commercial Truck Accident Case

Victims of a Phoenix commercial truck accident have the potential to recover large settlement amounts. Colliding with a large truck often has devastating results specifically for occupants of passenger vehicles. When an 80,000-pound vehicle is traveling at highway speeds, the momentum of that vehicle is immense, and the likelihood of serious bodily injury increases significantly. An 18-wheeler has substantial crushing power and can inflict considerable harm. It is important that victims work with an experienced and knowledgeable Phoenix commercial truck [...]

Collect Compensation if You Were Partially At-Fault for Your Arizona Accident

Collect Compensation for Your Arizona Accident

Collect Compensation For Your Accident In Arizona Driver error is the reason behind the vast majority of traffic accidents in Arizona, therefore it is important to make sure you are able to Collect Compensation for Your Arizona Accident.  Driving is a serious task that takes attention, responsibility, and defensiveness to be safe on the road. This means that every time you get behind the wheel respecting the rules of the road, not allowing for any distractions, and having a sharp [...]

What is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful Death Attorneys of Arizona

Wrongful Death Attorneys of Arizona Wrongful Death Attorneys know all too well of the thousands of people across our state who lose their lives in accidents caused by the negligent and reckless actions of others every year. Dealing with the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one is not only mentally and emotionally draining, but it comes with an array of financial consequences as well. Whether a person is involved in a car accident, an incident on the job, [...]

motorcycle accident in Phoenix

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Phoenix

There’s nothing like getting on your motorcycle and heading out on the open road. And though riding these high-powered bikes is a thrilling experience, it can also be dangerous. In fact, motorcycle accidents in Phoenix are generally more severe and are more likely to cause injuries than car collisions in Phoenix. By being aware of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Phoenix, you can take the steps to protect yourself and your loved ones and prevent a motorcycle [...]