Bicycle Riding in Arizona and Accidents

Many residents of Arizona enjoy much of their time doing outdoor activities. Because of this, many in the state enjoy bicycling. It is not uncommon in some parts of Arizona to witness residents that bike daily to commute to work or for errands. Some bike because they simply enjoy it while others appreciate its health benefits. Due to its popularity, there are quite a few communities that have modified their roadways so they could accommodate bicyclists. Many have added in [...]

The Importance of Proper Car Seat Installation

One of the most dangerous positions we can put a child into is when we take them on the road and their car seat isn’t properly installed. During an accident, an incorrectly installed car seat can lead to significant injuries for children whose small bodies will take a beating from the forces they encounter. They also are at higher risk for death in an accident when they are not adequately secured in our vehicles. Any caregiver would feel a tremendous [...]

Tips for Transporting a Motorcycle

When you own a motorcycle you must take care of it and do routine checks to avoid expensive repairs and ensure it is safe to be on the roads. Doing routine checks will also help you make sure nothing bad happens to your bike when you transport it between different locations. The Department of Transportation reported that 14 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2013 involved motorcycles. Some of these accidents were a result of motorcycle malfunction, which could [...]

The Dangers of Driving When You’re Tired

Nearly two out of three people in America have driven drowsy at least once in their lives, compared to just one in five who’ve admitted to drunk driving. Additionally, more than a third of drivers have admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. Drinking is a choice, but exhaustion is inevitable—and just like liquor, drowsiness heavily impairs one’s ability to drive. Going without sleep for 21 hours is as dangerous as a BAC of 0.10 percent, and greatly increases [...]

Top Causes of Car Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Car accidents occur daily on the roadways of Phoenix. The Arizona Department of Transportation reported a total of 127,056 car accidents occurred last year. These accidents can cause injuries that range from minor bruises to catastrophic injuries. It doesn’t matter if you are driving the speed limit or riding your bike alongside the road, anyone can be affected by the actions of another driver. It is important to understand the environment you are driving in as well as the [...]

Personal Injury Insurance Claims After a Car Accident

Each year thousands of car accidents occur throughout the state of Arizona. The Arizona Department of Transportation reported 127,056 car accidents occurred last year. These accidents could cause serious injuries or major property damage. The National Safety Council reported about 4.5 million individuals experienced serious injuries from car crashes last year. No matter what type of accident it is, often a legal claim will be filed. Filing a legal claim will help accident victims receive compensation for their injuries [...]

The 5 Step Process for Auto Accident Cases

Nobody can anticipate an accident, and once one happens, the crash is often over in a matter of seconds. However, the effects of an auto accident last for far longer than the initial collision. A lengthy legal process awaits drivers, alongside the possibility of lifelong health complications. It’s important to know what to expect, so we’ve broken the average auto accident case down into five simple steps. 1: Investigate The Scene The claims process starts the moment the crash occurs. If [...]

When Should I Get an Attorney After an Accident?

Auto accidents can be confusing, stressful endeavors for everyone involved. With so many moving parts to keep track of, these cases can seem too complex and daunting to bother with, and it can be tempting to accept the first offer made by an insurance adjuster to get things over with. In chaotic times like these, an attorney can ease your burden significantly by offering professional guidance and legal assistance every step of the way. What Can an Attorney Do For [...]

Proving Negligence After Personal Injury

From expensive medical bills to serious injuries that disrupt your everyday life, accidents caused by the negligence of others can have a profound, stressful effect on your livelihood. Though legal action may be daunting, it’s important to seek fair compensation for your suffering when appropriate. However, you’ll first need to prove negligence. To learn more about your personal injury claim, contact our Phoenix personal injury attorneys at the ELG Law. Our team of personal injury lawyers is here to help [...]

Drunk Driving Accidents in Arizona

The United States has a serious drinking and driving problem. According to the Center for Disease Control, about one-third of traffic fatalities involve a drunk driver. Furthermore, 1.9 percent of individuals nationwide reported driving after drinking too much, while 1.7 percent of individuals living in the state Arizona reported driving after drinking too much. Drinking and driving is a large issue that can’t be brushed aside and forgotten about. Impaired drivers need to face the consequences of a DUI. Impaired [...]