Can The Arizona Heat Cause Auto Accidents?

The extreme summer heat of Arizona is not to be taken lightly. The month of July has routinely seen temperatures exceed 110° Fahrenheit, leading to heat advisories and health warnings for large portions of, if not the entirety of, the state. The dangers of this weather are frequently pointed out, but it’s not mentioned nearly as much about how extreme heat can result in a greater incident rate of automobile accidents. Heat Can Impair Your Driving Abilities Studies have shown that [...]

What Are Your Legal Options Following a Slip-and-Fall

Of the many accidents that can happen to us and leave us injured, few of them are as simple and seemingly innocuous as a slip-and-fall. All it takes for a slip to happen is a bit of uneven footing, a bit of moisture on a surface, or a small object like a marble or a grape. As we age, the danger grows even greater, as our bones become less resistant to stress and shock. Regardless of a person’s age, [...]

Wrongful Death Claims Explained

Wrongful death cases are some of the most challenging for the families of the victims. The laws governing how they are conducted vary by state. Amongst all of the issues that will plague families who have just unexpectedly lost a loved one, there may be many questions and confusion as to their ability to file a lawsuit. Listed below, we answer some of the most common questions that families have after a tragedy occurs. What is Wrongful Death? It is the [...]

Do You Have a Valid Personal Injury Claim in Arizona

It is common for an individual who has been injured in an accident to wonder if their situation warrants a personal injury claim that requires legal representation. Those who have been injured in an accident that was not their fault will often defer to the insurance company of the party who caused the injury to handle the outcome. They may provide some financial relief for the costs associated with injuries, including medical treatment and potentially property damages, but it [...]

Buckle Up with These Arizona Seat Belt Laws

Wearing a seat belt is one of the most important things you can do as a driver or passenger. According to the CDC, seat belts help reduce auto accident injuries by almost 50%. And though it may seem intuitive, it’s important to be aware of all seat belt laws, especially since Arizona seat belt laws are often enforced and categorized differently from other states. If you’ve already been injured in an auto accident in Arizona, contact the Phoenix auto accident [...]

Instances You Can File For Additional Compensation After An Insurance Settlement

When you accept a settlement from an insurance company for the injuries you endured, you are, for the most part, closing your case. Most personal injury claims from car accidents go this route, and it is uncommon for a victim who has accepted an insurance company’s settlement to have the opportunity to sue afterward. This is true even if you have realized other injuries not included in the settlement resulted.   In some rare instances, however, there may be room for [...]

Summer Travel Safety Tips

The summertime brings more festivals, vacations, trips, longer days, and warmer weather that beckons us to come and spend time outdoors. As a result, there are more motorists on the roadways, including an uptick in some of the most vulnerable groups like motorcyclists. There is no reason not to go out and enjoy the summertime and see the sights. As you begin looking over your summer plans, consider these tips to keep you safe while you are traveling about. [...]

How Long Do You Have To Report Your Accident To Your Insurance Provider

What to Look For in a Personal Injury Attorney In Phoenix

If you have the time, experience, and resources to file your own personal injury claim, and you are up to date on the most recent laws in your jurisdiction, you may not need a personal injury lawyer for your case. For most people not legally trained, however, the need for a professional Phoenix personal injury attorney from ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS, PLLC is imperative to ensure you have a strong case which will win you the highest amount of compensation for [...]

What are the Symptoms of Emotional Distress

Qualifying For Disability After A Car Accident

When you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in which you were injured, there is a possibility that you could obtain Social Security and Disability Insurance (SSDI) to assist you with your expenses. It can be difficult to determine if you are eligible, which is why talking with a Phoenix motor vehicle accident attorney is important in determining if you qualify.    Requirements for Disability The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines the requirements necessary for an injured [...]

2.19 Scottsdale, AZ - Woman Killed in Fatal Motorcycle Accident on L-101 Pima at McDowell Rd

5 Things to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), nearly 3,000 motorcycle accidents occurred across the state in 2017. Many of those motorcycle accidents resulted in serious injuries, and some even ended with fatalities. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often subject to more serious injuries and property damage than car and truck drivers. If you’ve already been injured in a motorcycle accident in Arizona, contact the Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys at the ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS, PLLC. Our team of motorcycle accident lawyers is [...]