12.3 Phoenix, AZ - Lex Currie Arrested After Car Crash Kills Two & Injures Two at 32nd St

The Five Most Common Crash-Related Injuries

Safety devices in cars have come a long way, yet are still far from being able to completely protect an occupant in the event of an Arizona auto accident; as such, it’s exceedingly common to end up with some type of injury after a crash. Always see a doctor after an accident, even if you feel fine. The necessity of seeing a medical professional really can’t be stressed enough; you might have asymptomatic or delayed-onset injuries, or might not [...]

When You Can and Can’t Sue the Government After a Crash

When You Can and Can’t Sue the Government After a Crash

The government is inherently afforded a certain degree of immunity in the context of civil infractions, but this immunity is far from absolute. As such, you can usually sue if your Arizona auto accident was caused by a government entity, provided that you weren’t negligent yourself and they didn’t act in accordance with standard procedures. Qualified Immunity for Government Entities Arizona’s qualified immunity laws provide immunity to public workers and entities in a variety of circumstances, but in the context of [...]

Are there Limits on Punitive Damages in Arizona

Are there Limits on Punitive Damages in Arizona?

Behavior that is particularly egregious by one party which harms another individual can not only result in a civil case for compensation but also have additional money added to a settlement in the form of punitive damages. When a person either:Knowingly engages in with the intent to harm another person, or Behaves in such a way that they know could potentially harm another individual and but continues to engage in the destructive behavior without care for the outcomeThat individual can [...]

2.11 Phoenix, AZ - Multi-Car Accident Causing Injuries Reported on I-17 at Indian School Rd

What Type of Fault System Does Arizona Use?

Each state has its own procedure to handle accident injury cases. For some states like Florida for instance, a no-fault system is used. A no-fault system doesn’t assign fault. Instead of determining which party caused an accident anyone involved in an accident where there were injuries and damages obtains compensation through their own insurance policy. In fault states, there is a determination of who caused the accident. The individual who was injured by another party has the right to [...]

2.15 Tempe, AZ - Multi-Vehicle Crash Causes Injuries on L-101 Price at Broadway Rd

What Happens After an Arizona Car Accident with Multiple Vehicles?

What happens if you are in an accident in Arizona where there are multiple cars involved and more than one of those cars is to blame for the crash? Determining who is liable and by how much can be a very challenging task. It is likely that more than one party is responsible for the incident, you may even hold some of the blame. It is important to never admit to causing a crash you were in even if [...]

Can a Bicyclist File a Personal Injury Claim in Arizona

Can a Bicyclist File a Personal Injury Claim in Arizona?

Bicyclists across the state of Arizona are quite prevalent. The state boasts warm, sunny weather and beautiful scenery to appreciate. Bicycling is a healthy and enjoyable outdoor activity that many people take pleasure in doing. Bicycles on the road are at risk for an accident just like cars are. Bicyclists that get into an accident on the road with a vehicle are far more likely to suffer serious injuries because of the lack of protection they have as well [...]

Steps You Should Take After a Truck Accident

How to File a Truck Accident Claim

Truck accidents often result in serious, sometimes fatal, injuries for victims. When drivers of large tractor-trailers cause accidents, victims are left with exorbitant medical costs and critical injuries. But when you’re seeking to file a claim, it’s important to gather everything you need to win. And a driver’s trucking company may ultimately be to blame for these tragic wrecks Negligent truck companies may cut corners by hiring unqualified drivers and promoting inadequate vehicle maintenance. These negligent companies have a tendency [...]

Is It OK To Call A Collision An Accident

Is It OK to Call a Collision an Accident?

There were 127,056 total crashes reported in the state of Arizona in 2018 according to data released by the Arizona Department of Transportation. That year 916 were fatal crashes taking the lives of 1,010 people and injuring 53,376 people. Across the country, there are more than 6 million accidents reported every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that more than 32,000 people die from crashes annually and millions are injured. Given these dreary statistics, what exactly [...]

How Long Do You Have To Report Your Accident To Your Insurance Provider

How Long Do You Have to Report Your Accident to Your Insurance Provider?

Getting into a car accident is never what you expect or want to happen when you venture out on the road to commute to work, run errands, or pick up the kids from school. Accidents can be reduced with safe driving practices but your risk for getting involved in an Arizona car accident can not be entirely eliminated. If you are the unfortunate luck of being hit by another driver or if you hit someone else and you sustained [...]

Tips For Parents Of Arizona Teen Drivers

Tips for Parents of Arizona Teen Drivers

It is both an exciting time and a nerve-wracking time for parents of children who have reached the age where they are old enough to begin driving. While a child who can transport themselves to their activities and engagements makes things easier for parents who used to have to be the family taxi, the worry each time your novice driver goes out still remains. Driving and using a car is not just welcome freedom for teens it is also [...]