How to Cover Damages When it Comes to Dog Bites

Dog bites occur each and every day with approximately 1,000 individuals in the United States requiring emergency treatment as a result. In many cases, the most affected group is children. Statistics show that adults who have multiple dogs, two or more, have a five-times greater chance to be bitten than those who do not have dogs. Additionally, a dog bite occurs every 75 seconds in the country. The monetary costs associated with dog bites are estimated to be over [...]

To Sign or Not to Sign a Release After Your Auto Accident in Arizona

Here is the scenario, you have suffered medical damages or property damages and the insurance company asks you to sign a release. Should you do it? If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, the answer is simple: “NO.”You want legal guidance You sustained injuries You don’t understand completely what the document you are signing means and saysDeciding Whether to Sign There are circumstances where you could immediately sign a medical record or property damages, but the incidents wherein this [...]

Dangers of Distracted Driving and Young Children in the Car

Distracted driving is a dangerous growing phenomenon that is becoming a leading cause of all accidents around the globe. Experts say that they expect this hazard only to become worse over time. State governments have tried to combat this unsafe driving practice through passing laws that aim to prohibit it such as hands-free laws that outlaw the use of cell phones while driving. Driving while using a cell phone is hardly the only way that a driver becomes distracted [...]

What You Should Know About Rental Cars and Insurance

If you have ever rented a car you are familiar with the options the company will present you regarding adding extra insurance for an additional daily rate to protect you in the event of an accident. You can never know what lies in front of you after you rent a car and it is likely you are renting in a new city unfamiliar to you, which increases your risk for a car accident. It makes sense to add the [...]

Don’t Make These Mistakes After a Car Accident

Accidents come with a tremendous amount of baggage. You have may have injuries to heal from, you may have lost the ability to work for some time which means your income is affected, you may be emotionally traumatized from the experience, and it is also a high likelihood that you additionally have personal property damage. On top of all that, you have to struggle to figure out how to recoup compensation and fight with insurance companies when neither yours [...]

How to Pick a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Phoenix

Americans utilize many forms of transportation and riding bicycle accounts for 1% of all preferred modes of transportation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were over 1,000 bicyclist deaths in 2019 across the country. That year, there were close to 467,000 bicycle-related injuries. Riding a bicycle is a fun form of healthy exercise but it does leave the rider vulnerable to severe injuries, specifically when the bicyclist is driving on the roadways. In Arizona, the weather [...]

The Real Cost of Dog Bite Injuries in Phoenix

As loyal and loving as dogs are known to be with their owners, dogs are also animals. Dogs can be well-trained but still act on instinct. Sometimes, this can result in circumstances where “man’s best friend” can momentarily turn into a dangerous enemy. Dog bite attacks are most likely to happen at home, between the dog and its owners. While less likely, it’s still quite possible to be bitten by another person’s dog while visiting their home or even [...]

Drowsy Driving: A Deadly Danger

We live and work in a world where many people rely on coffee and energy drinks to help get themselves through the daily grind. Sometimes, with stress, work, and family obligations, it’s not easy to find time to sleep. Then, there are times where the Arizona heat can drain every ounce of energy out of you and no amount of air conditioning can perk you back up. And still, despite all these issues, many people drive themselves to and [...]

Are Senior Citizens Involved in More Auto Accidents?

When the image of an older driver comes to mind, you might pull up a vision of someone going 35 mph in a 55-mph zone, slowing down traffic, and creating a potentially hazardous situation. Is this image truly accurate though? Are senior citizens more likely to be involved in auto accidents, or is that just a pre-conceived notion based on stereotypes? Older Drivers Are Safer Drivers Into Later AgeThere is a direct correlation showing that the older a driver is, [...]

5 Steps to Take After a Dog Attack

More than four million Americans sustain injuries from dog attacks each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with nearly one in five people bitten requiring medical attention for their bite. If you’ve been injured from a dog attack in Arizona, contact our Phoenix personal injury attorneys at the ELG Law. Our team of personal injury lawyers is here to help with a free, no-hassle consultation and five steps to keep in mind after an attack. Defend and [...]