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What is Accident Negligence?

Do the Signs of Car Accident Injuries Show Up Immediately?

Not every injury from a Phoenix car accident results in immediate pain or discomfort. There are injuries that are highly associated with crashes that don’t show up until hours or even days after the accident took place. Not every accident yields the same result. The risk for serious injuries when you collide with a semi-truck or if you are involved in a multi-vehicle pileup is high but so are the risks for injuries when only two cars crash into [...]

Can You Avoid An Arizona Car Accident

Can You Avoid an Arizona Car Accident?

If you knew that you could drive without ever being involved in a car accident that would certainly give you more confidence behind the wheel. Truthfully, there is nothing you can do to completely eliminate the chances of traffic accidents, and any time you go out on the road you have some amount of risk for being in one. There are many things you can do as a defensive driver to reduce your risk of a crash. Considering driver [...]