Tailgating and Car Accidents in Arizona

Tailgating is an all-too-common occurrence on the road, and this form of aggressive driving leads to many accidents that result in both injuries as well as deaths. Tailgating can lead to very serious rear-end crashes. These types of motor vehicle accidents have been the cause of 5,100 deaths from 2012 through 2014, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.  Tailgating Behavior People will drive aggressively for many reasons. The most common reasons that drivers will tailgate include:Some drivers tend to tailgate [...]

5 Ways to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle

With nearly 3,000 motorcycle accidents occurring across Arizona in 2017, it’s clear that motorcycle crashes are an unfortunate reality of life. And according to the Arizona Department of Transportation, motorcycle wrecks often result in serious injuries and occasionally, fatalities. In fact, motorcyclists can sustain more serious injuries and property damage than car and truck drivers due to the nature of the vehicle, so it’s important to stay safe on your bike. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash in [...]

5 Causes of Car Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Though thousands of auto accidents occur each day across the country, experiencing one for yourself is frightening, especially when injuries are involved. And since more than 36,000 injuries occurred as a result of accidents in Arizona in 2018, these serious incidents are unfortunately common. However, many auto accidents are preventable. It’s important to know the top causes of accidents and how to avoid them so that you stay safe on the road. If you’ve already been involved in an auto accident [...]

Safe Driving Tips for the Arizona Desert

Driving in the open desert of Arizona is beautiful, but it can also be dangerous.  While the scenery can offer a tremendous picture to gaze at, the reality of the desert can reak havoc on your car.  Additionally, the long duration of the road with no places to turn off and stop can also cause potential risks.   When you are ready to hit the open roads in Arizona, it is important to understand these risks.  The intense heat of the [...]

Personal Injury Settlements in Arizona

If you have sustained injuries from an accident that was not your fault, you may have a valid claim to recover compensation for your damages. There are a variety of monetary costs that a personal injury claim can cover including medical expenses both current and ongoing, loss of wages when you are unable to work, property damages and repairs, as well as emotional distress from the incident.  In order to obtain the highest amount of compensation, enlisting the help [...]

Duty of Care and Personal Injury Claims

When an individual, entity, or corporation causes injuries to another individual and “duty of care” was neglected, those who caused the damages are at fault.  Duty of care means there is an expected amount of responsibility for one’s behavior in a way that is safe towards others.  When those common actions are neglected and injuries result, the party that has neglected their responsibility towards the safety of others is liable and may be accountable for compensation.  When a personal injury [...]

5 Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Phoenix

As fun as motorcycles can be to ride, there are certain risks involved in driving them that other motorists don’t have to be as aware of. Granted, there are risks involved with driving any type of vehicle, but a person in a car has a windshield, a dashboard, and a metal frame surrounding and protecting them; a motorcyclist has a bit of their bike and any protective gear they’re wearing. As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention [...]

The Basics Of Dog Bite Laws In Arizona

Odds are, if you’re reading this, you don’t want to hear about how many people are bitten by dogs every year, nor do you want to hear about how damaging dog bites can be. You’re probably reading this because you want or need to know what the dog bite laws are in Arizona, whether it be for research purposes or because you or someone you know has sadly been the victim of a bite. So before you call an [...]

Do Higher Speed Limits Cause More Car Accidents?

People from outside of Arizona looking in on our state may find themselves a bit confused by the speed limit laws here. While 75 mph is the limit, legislation was put forward in 2015 to essentially decriminalize any speeds up to 10 mph over the limit. Of course, residential areas and certain cities can set their own speeds, but Arizona has an overall outlook on them that reducing limits too much can be detrimental to the safety of drivers [...]

4 Ways to Prevent Dog Bites

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than four million Americans sustain injuries from dog bites each year. And nearly one in five people bitten by a dog needs medical attention for their bite. Dog bite injuries can be severe, but thankfully, they can be prevented. If you’ve already been injured from a dog bite in Arizona, contact our Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG Law. Our team of personal injury lawyers is here to help with [...]