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11.27 What is a Diminished Value Claim?

Tips for Buying Car Tires

If you think about safety features in your car you may say seatbelts, backup cameras, noise alerts, etc. What drivers don’t often cite as a safety feature is their car’s tires. The reality is that while seatbelts and all of the emerging advanced safety technologies that cars are equipped with these days to do help maximize safety, it is your car’s tires that make the biggest impact on the safety of a car’s occupants. Your tires make a direct impact [...]

2.17 Phoenix, AZ - Two-Car Crash Causes Injuries on L-101 Agua Fria at Thunderbird Rd

Proper Car Tire Maintenance Tips

Some of the most important features of your car that will keep you safe and for which you should spend the time maintaining are your car’s tires. Putting time into finding the best type of tire with the best traction rating for your car and your needs and doing a bit of maintenance is essential to keeping up their integrity. Many people think that when it is time to purchase new tires, that is all they have to do [...]

Tips for Driving in the Fog

Tips for Driving in the Fog

Driving is a risky business and it is important for every driver to remember that when they hit the road, regardless of how safe and responsible they are as a driver, they are still putting themselves at risk for injuries or death. There are more than six million car accidents that take place every single year in the United States. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, like in the case where your car has a defect that you didn’t know about [...]

1.3 Phoenix, AZ - Rollover Crash Causes Injuries on L-202 at Arizona Ave

Highly Rated Head Restraints Minimize Neck Injuries

Whiplash and associated head, neck, and upper back injuries are very common when a car accident happens. Road safety researchers are constantly examining new technologies, features, and adjustments that can help drivers be safer on the road and minimize their damages if they are in an accident.  Rear-end crashes are by far the most common type of Arizona traffic accident and are most notably linked to neck strain and sprain injuries. In 2019, Arizona rear-end crashes accounted for 47,936 accidents [...]

1.17 Tucson, AZ - Fatal Bus Crash Reported on Pima St at Speedway Blvd

Which States Make School Bus Seat Belts Mandatory?

Not every state in the nation requires that schoolchildren who ride on busses use seatbelts. There are more than 25 million children that will be transported to school via school bus every year according to the data from the American School Bus Council. Seatbelts are known to reduce the risk of severe injuries and death when a car accident happens. Some states have laws that make it mandatory for children to use seatbelts while riding on a school bus.  If [...]

Arizona Work Zone Safety

Arizona Work Zone Safety

Work-zones can create unexpected hazards for motorists. When a motorist is caught off-guard by a work zone or is confused by the set-up of a work zone, they can easily cause a traffic accident. There are several ways this can happen including:Suddenly braking  Swerving to miss cones and the work zone Ignoring crew flaggers Crashing into the work zoneThese are just a set of examples of what can happen when a motorist becomes bewildered in a work zone. Work-zone safety is extremely [...]

12.26 Phoenix, AZ - Jessica Lightner Killed in Pedestrian Accident at Oak St & 30th St

Phoenix’s Problem with Rising Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

Across the country, there are more and more pedestrians being hit by cars, and many times suffering severe injuries or dying from their injuries. According to studies, the number of reported accidents involving pedestrians is on the rise. Phoenix has the highest number of Arizona pedestrian accidents in the state. As far as the increased numbers of pedestrian accidents that cause death for pedestrians, the Governors Highway Safety Association has a couple of possible reasons for the rise:The popularity [...]

1.27 Phoenix, AZ - Multi-Vehicle Crash Causes Injuries on SR 51 at Mini Stack

Can an Arizona Traffic Accident Cause Eye Injuries?

There are so many injuries and conditions that can happen to a victim in the aftermath of an Arizona car accident. Not only are there the immediate injuries from the collision, but there are also related chronic conditions and wounds that may never be able to fully heal and will affect a victim’s life indefinitely. Should your head or face suffer impact during a crash, the health of your eyes and your ability to see can be affected. Car accidents [...]

How to Drive in Bright Sunlight

Which Time of the Year is the Most Dangerous for Drivers?

Driving is always a risk because you can only control your own behavior and you cannot control unexpected hazards that appear on the road or how responsible others will be when they drive. Even though the potential for a car accident always exists, there are certain times of the year that have a higher rate of car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when looking at data over a 24-year period the following trends were seen:The [...]

1.10 Tucson, AZ - Three-Car Crash Causes Injuries on I-10 at Sunset Rd

Are Alternative Child Car Seats Worthwhile?

Taking the time to be cognizant of when you should change your child’s car seat is a smart move that will keep your child safe when they are in a car. A child’s height as well as their weight will be determining factors as to when it is time to make a change. Additionally, these factors and their age will also be used to determine when they can move from a rear-facing position to a front-facing position. After they [...]